We Are Now a Registered Charity (Number SC047264)

Sorry for not writing anything in the blog for a while but we have been busy-busy bees in the background!

Souper Saturday’s committee decided a while ago that Souper Saturday had grown big enough that it required registered charity status. At the same time we decided that the name Souper Saturday might limit the charity in the activities it might want to undertake in the future so the we also agreed to give the charity a less limiting name. We chose The Station and OSCR, The Scottish charities regulator, accepted our application on Tuesday 21st March 2017.

The upshot is that Souper Saturday, along with Choose to Move, is now a project of The Station (a SCIO (number SC047264) regulated by OSCR, the Scottish Charity regulator), which should have no bearing on the service we provide – it simply gives us more funding options.

OSCR has asked that we publicise our change in status which means that you get this tedious blog about admin!