The sun came up upon the left, Out of the sea came he!

oday I am pleased to announce part one of a new semi-regular feature where our volunteers tell you about their experiences with Souper Saturday.

First off we have Steven, who has, rather splendidly, taken it on a surreal and extremely creative direction.



Mark asked me to write a piece, so that is what I’ll do;
You can read it if you want, and try work out what’s true.

I started at Mark’s soup kitchen, in January this year;
With my wooden leg and parrot asking “gee’s a gottle of geer”.

I first met mark at the soup van, of Bethany Christian Trust;
As into my outstretched hand, a flyer he did thrust.

I liked him in a second flat, I thought ‘a lovely codger’;
I got my ship and sailed it there, and waved my Jolly Roger.

“Ooh aarrgh” I said when at St. John’s,
that’s where Mark hangs out;
That’s all I managed as on the way, I contracted gout!

When I first came to volunteer, it was just me and Mark;
Others have joined, and some survive, (the rest got too close to the shark!)

Chess is offered, and lovely soup, Connect 4 and a laugh;
With Jenny, Helen, Jess and Mark, one couldn’t ask for better staff.

Travelling away from land, across the seven seas;
I’ve been to many soup kitchens, but this one’s the bees knees.

With my eye patch, metal sword, and tied at the back bandana;
They still pump me full of bread, and an occasional banana.

So as my parrot falls asleep, and starts to snore aloud;
I’ll end by saying to volunteer here, it makes me very proud.

ps. Spoiler alert: all the pirate stuff may have been false