Souper Collaboration

Paul and Neil

On Monday, Souper Saturday got together with Cyrenians, Soul Food and Inch Park Community Sports Club to provide a one off drop in service for adults who are homeless or otherwise vulnerable.

As well as the partners named above who provided organisational support the project received other help from a lot of  great people and organisations including our old friends St John’s Church and The Blue Blazer – the former providing us with some excellent volunteers including The Reverend Doctor Holmes and his wife who, along with our very own Vanessa, made an excellent job of the food which was highly praised throughout the day! The latter has had a collection box for Souper Saturday behind the bar for a while now and the latest emptying, which gained us £45 (topped-up to that round figure by barman Ewan) was put towards the running costs of the Inch Park project. Hannah, one of the other bar staff, was also good enough to volunteer despite having worked until 4.30am that morning!

Nikki Bethune, a colleague of our volunteer Jenny at Dunedin Canmore Housing Association,  also did an amazing job by making up and donating 50 toiletries packs which allowed us to provide shower facilities for the guests, so we owe Nikki a massive Thank You, it looks like there was a huge amount of work put in to get these together – cheers Nikki!


Volunteers came from all walks of life and from all over the world with some never having volunteered before. I am secretly hoping that some will be happy to help at Souper Saturday in the future!

Anyway, enough from me – The Edinburgh Evening News did a piece on the day which is worth reading if you want to know a wee bit more. I even forgive them for spelling Souper Saturday wrong!

Hope that you all have a wonderful New Year!

Vanessa With Her Swag

Volunteer Sign-in and Cloakroom

Rachel Tending Her PotsThe Finished Product

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