Sock It To ‘Em!


Earlier this month, Sam from Jollie Goods got in touch. He wanted to send us 100 pairs of socks.

Our fantastic supporter Karen (she of the amazing portraits project) had been in touch to recommend Souper Saturday as a partner charity.

Jollie Goods is a Social Enterprise which has a model of “buy one, pass one on” and they seek to donate socks to people who are currently experiencing homelessness.

Lo and behold, last week a huge box arrived at my work stuffed to the brim with superb robust looking socks and this Saturday we distributed the first batch to our guests, much to their obvious delight!

You see, fresh, clean and comfortable socks are a precious commodity among people experiencing homelessness – foot health is difficult to maintain for many people facing a situation where laundry facilities are few and far between so socks are often disposable commodities meaning that fresh socks are more prized than scarves or gloves since the latter can be worn without washing for months or years, but socks have to be regularly replaced.

We all like fresh, clean socks but for people experiencing homelessness they are more of a necessity than a pleasure.


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