She’s Jenny From The (Chopping) Block.

This week I am delighted to present part two of our souper douper volunteers’ special reports!

This week we have Jenny who, as well as working full-time for Housing Association Dunedin Canmore, comes into Souper Saturday and puts in a fantastic shift to help  out with our guests. I met Jenny at running club where she expressed an interest in volunteering and she has taken to it like a duck to water: she is fantastic with the guests, has a cheery and fun personality, makes tasty wrap and has only ever had a pineapple on her head that one time!  Cheers Jenny!!

I’ve been volunteering at Souper Saturday since March this year and I love it!It’s a non judgemental relaxed gathering of people who for whatever reason could do with the company and or food.Volunteering here is really rewarding.As well as helping to make the soup and sandwiches,dishing out whatever other goodies are available that week and doing the dreaded dishes the volunteers are encouraged to interact and chat with the guests.It never ceases to amaze me what a talented,down to earth and friendly bunch of guests we have each week.
The best thing about Souper Saturday for me is when you get the chance to speak to the guests and find out how they’re doing.Personal highlights of my experience so far is being taught how to play chess, hearing about how one of our regular guests completed the Edinburgh half marathon in an amazing time and listening to another of our regular guests who is classically trained on the piano.

I would encourage anyone who has a bit of spare time on a Saturday to come along for themselves if interested in volunteering with Edinburgh’s homeless community.They really are an incredible bunch!