Aleph, Not!

Excuse me if I get a few (or many) of the details wrong, but this week’s Souper Saturday was dominated by number theory and I only managed to pass Intermediate Two Maths.

It all started with Ian posing a dilemma:

Say you have two children and one apple. then each child receives half an apple.


We can all work out the logic behind that.

But let’s say you have one apple and zero children.

How many apples does each child receive in that scenario?

Not so easy, huh!?

Apparently, it is infinite apples.

The photos of the board show our working,

The moral of the story is that if you think that soup kitchens are all about defeated addicts queueing for their daily sustenance before going off to sniff their glue or what have you, then please feel free to think again.

Often people who are forced to sleep rough have , in the recent past, been you or me. They have had a career, they have had a family and they have had a mortgage.

We are all two pay cheques and/or one car accident away from the streets.

Souper Saturday needs  money and volunteers to survive. Male volunteers are especially welcome given that we currently have three female and one male volunteer yet 90% of homeless people are single men.