AGM April 2016

I have to apologise for the silence here of late – we have been busy in the background preparing the ground so that Souper Saturday can build a strong foundation for the future.

Part of this was organising our first AGM a few weeks ago and the minutes are summarised at the end of this post. The full minutes are available on request – email for a copy.

We have also started a GoFundMe – We’re a growing, happy and successful little team, and as we grow, sadly costs grow too, so please give anything you can. We will organise fun events in the time ahead but you can always donate and we would be extremely grateful for your ongoing support. Please follow the link:

Any sum, big or small, is hugely appreciated and if you can’t afford to help financially we would also appreciate it if folk could share the link with their friends.

Those of us involved in the week-to-week running and organisation of Souper Saturday have been aware for some time that there needs to be a formal structure to the thing in order to open up more fundraising  opportunities.

The money (and the support and trust that it represents) we recently received from St John’s congregation and  Together Churches is fantastic: we were all gob-smacked by the amazing response and it arrived just in the nick of time for us. It will not, however, last forever so we need to get on with applying for grant funding quick-smart if Souper Saturday is to survive longer than six months.

The growth of the thing has been wonderful in that we can now reach more people who can benefit from what we offer but it’s not going to survive on the income that we had when we started!

This is why we needed a new constitution.

Big news Part Two is that we decided to form a new umbrella organisation to be the constituted body: this is because whilst we felt that Souper Saturday is an excellent name for what we do on Saturday, it is somewhat restrictive if we want to pursue non-food-based activities on a weekday, so the new organisation is an umbrella body of which Souper Saturday is a (indeed currently the only!) project. We do not envision this having any impact on any aspect of Souper Saturday’s week-to-week work.

The new organisation is called The Station – we hope that it signifies meetings, journeys and new beginnings all of which we hope to offer our guests.

The Station will have no public presence – no website or marketing – the project(s) (i.e. Souper Saturday) are/is what matters.

The Station’s constitution is available on request – email for a copy. It is a standard unincorporated Voluntary Organisation constitution with aims and purposes which give a reasonable amount of flexibility over what we do now and may look to do in the future.

We elected a 5 member committee of:

Liz Darke
Jenny Cross
Jess Haenow
Lesley Wimberley

The committee will deal with managing the strategic and administrative side of things. They are an amazing team, all of them are extremely talented and committed to what we want to achieve. Most importantly, they know what makes Souper Saturday unique and valuable.






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