A Tale of Three Churches

This Saturday is to be our last for this stint at St Margaret’s church on Easter Road.

August is a difficult time for homeless services in Edinburgh due the high demand for venues so we are extremely grateful to our friends at “St Meg’s” for housing us for the second August in a row.

After next week we move to Old St Paul’s on Jeffrey Street which will be our third venue in as many months. The reason for our move to OSP’s rather than going back to our proper home at St John’s? That would be the upcoming development of St John’s which, as you can see, is going to be very exciting once it is finished and will improve the facilities we and many other worthy causes use. However, this development will take a minimum of 18 months which means that we will be making OSP’s our semi-permanent home-from-home for the duration and, by the time it comes to move back, we will have been at OSP’s almost as long as we have St John’s!

The result of this is that we have been lucky to have met with the staff of three of Edinburgh’s loveliest churches, each one very different from the other two, and we are even luckier to have been able to appreciate the amazing support and assistance which has been provided by the staff of all three churches.

We love all three of you, thank you all.

Also, we are extra excited about our first Saturday at OSP’s since it’ll also be our second birthday! We’re having cake!