Souper Saturday

Every Saturday from 8.20am until 2pm at Old St Paul's, Edinburgh



About us

The food is a minor part
of what we do. The social
interaction is what's unique
about us: our guests are
treated as people rather
than "homeless people";
we drink tea from proper
mugs and not polystyrene;
we chat as equals.


“The project started through the volunteering work I did with the Big Issue. I was asked to organise a Friday afternoon soup kitchen for Big Issue vendors (Biggish Soup). However this didn't quite work so I asked St John's if they would let me use the kitchen for a similar service but open to everyone and Souper Saturday was born.” Mark Diver Founder and Organiser

Get involved


We're always keen to hear from potential volunteers. To find out about opportunities and to register your interest please email us at